BORDERLINE THE LABEL takes great pride in its craftsmanship and ethics in production. It has maintained the highest standards in design and materials creating products that have been carefully assessed to uniquely satisfy every and each customer.  
Subject to applicable conditions and exclusions, BORDERLINE THE LABEL products are protected from the original date of purchase by a 1-year warranty. The warranty covers any fault arising from defective parts or a manufacturing defect.
The item is accepted for repair under the following conditions:

  • The product is unused and ticketed
  • A proof of purchase is provided (Payment transaction document or gift receipt)
  • A default in manufacturing that our founder and artisans will personally inspect.

    PLEASE NOTE: The quality control inspection can take up to 7 working days and the repair
    process can take up to 14 working days.
      To ensure that your item remains in pristine condition. Please refer to our “Care Instructions Policy”.


Step 1: Email us at with your inquiry.
Step 2: We will plan an time slot for the item to be picked up.
Step 3: Your item will be sent to our design house and studio where our founder and artisans will inspect it.
Step 4: If the item falls under your warranty and has a production default we will repair it or provide you with a new item. If it is at personal default from the customers end we will begin repair as soon as you have accepted the estimated cost. Please note that you shall receive a report within 5 business working days regarding the condition of your item, with full information.
Step 5: Please allow up to 15 working days for your item to be repaired.
Step 6: Once the repair has been completed, we will contact you to select a date and time for shipment.
If your BORDERLINE THE LABEL product requires maintenance kindly email our customer service team at . Our specialists will be happy to guide you through sending in your item for repair.
Please note: repairs may be chargeable under certain conditions.