BORDERLINE THE LABEL products are manufactured by experienced artisans with carefully selected materials of the highest quality.

BORDERLINE THE LABEL internally guarantees internationally recognized standards of social and environmental responsibility are respected, consisted with the company’s own commitment its personal ethos of ethical and sustainable management of its operations. Below are the ways to care for your BORDERLINE THE LABEL items including denim,
leather and other materials as well as how to be more cautious of your environment:


  • Wash your denim less (recommended; every 5 – 10 wears) with other
    dark clothing.
  • Wash with cold water turned inside out as it protects against fading and shrinkage.
  • Avoid harsher soaps to preserve the granulated black shade.
  • Line dry your denim preferably flat and inside out and in a shaded area.
  • Iron turned inside out on low to medium heat.
  • Never use bleach or tumble dry.

* Cold water saves energy (& money) making it more environmentally and financially efficient and maintains the colour you love as it protects from fading and shrinkage. Turn your item inside out and avoid harsher soaps to preserve longevity
* Fading which occurs in the areas of greatest wear, should not be considered defects but assets, fundamental aspects of natural denim.
*Spot a stain? Use a damp cloth with mild soap to remove them instead of washing them.


  • Dry clean on gentle mild settings. Not washable.
  • Never use bleach.
  • Keep your piece dry. If it does get wet, make sure to towel dry and hang out
    to dry in a shaded area immediately before putting it away.
  • Hang your pieces correctly. Never leave your piece folded for long periods
    as that encourages the leather to crease and crack.
  • Keep pieces away from heat. Heat dries out and cause it to brittle and crack.
  • Use leather conditioner. Leather will always naturally lose some of its moisture, conditioner will prolong its quality and life.
  • If piece isn’t worn within a year, send it to be professionally cleaned at the drycleaners. That will restore its vibrancy and repair and damages to come.


  • Preferably dry clean on gentle mild settings.
  • Never use bleach.

A BORDERLINE THE LABEL piece is uniquely produced with an assortment of fabrics and materials that are ethically sourced and of the best quality. You will find our detailed care instructions on product pages.
Please make sure to ask about any other care treatments by emailing us at

Losses of buttons and or any additional item part of the product shall not be bared by BORDERLINE THE LABEL. Fading which occurs in the areas of greatest wear, should not be considered defects but assets, fundamental aspects of natural denim, leather or fabrics.
For further information about repair, please refer to our repair policy or contact us